Pioneer Industries Inc.
"Family Owned and Operated since 1987"



We have over 75 years experience in our Liquid Oxygen Repair facility. We take pride in making our customers the number 1 Priority. We specialize in the repair of Puritan Bennett and Caire medical Equipment. We repair equipment for alot of Home Health Care Companies. We offer some of the best prices on Repairs. Please contact us if you are interested in having us repair your equipment. We ensure you that we repair equipment per manufacture specs. Once we have repaired the equipment, it then goes through the N.E.R. (Normal Evaporation Rate) test and ensure that it meets maufacture specs again. Once the equipment has passed the N.E.R. test, it then goes through a flow test which then determines whether the unit has the most precise flows. Once the unit passes that test it is then ready for shipment. If the equipment does not pass the N.E.R. test it will then go to the vacuum department and go through the REVAC stage. After the REVAC stage it then goes through the Repair process again.

here to learn more about our Vacuum Process.


We offer FREE pick up and delivery of any equipment that is located in the Indianapolis area. We will pick up the equipment and get it through our facility in the most timely manner possible. Being conveniently located right in the heart of Indiana makes it convenient for our customers in Cincinnati, Louisville, Detroit, St. Louis and as far as New York


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