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Filling Equipment

Full Armor Oxygen Transfer Lines

 6'  P710  $110
 8'  P711  $120
 10'  P712  $150
 12'  P713  $170
Please call for pricing on other available sizes of transfer lines.

         P229                 P241                  P310                P646                  P671
   Female Quick Connect             PB Female Quick                       PB Vent Key                 Caire Posi-Lock Fill                   Caire Vent Key
             Seal Adapter                     Connect Fill Head                                                                            Tip
         P714                  P715                P720                  P719                    P721
           Dual Fill Head                         PB Fill Head               Source Adapter w/150             5/8" x 5/8" Male                        1" to 5/8 Fill
                                                                                                              Relief Valve                          Flare Fitting                        Adapter/Reducer
        P726                   P727                P728                 P729             P991  22 PSI RV
   3/4" MPT x 5/8" Flare        60 PSI Pressure Gauge          PB Style Posi-Lock                3/4" MPT x 5/8"                P993 50 PSI RV
                                                                For Filling                               Fill Tip                                90 Degree                      P992 150 PSI RV             
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