Our Crew

Doug Fish - Owner/President & LOX "Guru"
Doug has been in the liquid oxygen world for over 40 years and counting.(You will not find this experience ANYWHERE else) He began his career back in 1974 working for Union Carbide in Indianapolis and due to layoffs he went to work for Cryogenic Associates (Caire) for the next 11 years. In 1987, Doug opened the doors of Pioneer Industries Inc. and has been going strong for over 30 years. His knowledge of liquid oxygen systems is mega sized and loves being able to help troubleshoot customer issues. Doug is a hands-on owner and is involved in everyday shop responsibilities making cryo-magic happen.

Doug M Fish - Accounting, AP/AR
Doug is one of two sons of Owner Doug that pour their heart out into Pioneer and has been part of the crew for 22 years. Doug, better known as Dougie, keeps all Pioneer finances in order from invoicing, paying bills, insurance, banking, etc. Dougie is the number cruncher here and studied accounting, receiving a Bachelors degree from WGU. Dougie and his wife Melanie own 317 Graphics, which is a graphics printing business housed inside the Pioneer compound. Melanie and Doug print all of our decals in-house along with other projects they source within the local community.

Adam Fish - Warehouse & Project Manager, Purchasing
Adam is also the son of Doug Fish and has been with Pioneer for 17 Years. Adam has the responsibilities overseeing all things in the shop ranging from warehouse organization, project building, parts inventory, facility maintenance, along with vendor relations, Adam also assists with purchasing, creates and maintains our website and all sales materials. His energy is hard to duplicate and he is task oriented with " get it done" results.

Breanna Dyer - Sales & Marketing / Technical Support
Breanna has been in the liquid oxygen business for 16 years, starting out with Cryotec, Inc. When Cryotec closed in 2017, she became part of the Pioneer team taking on the sales and marketing position, fitting in like she had been with Pioneer for years. Breanna takes care of spreading the word about Pioneer in the liquid oxygen industry and servicing all customers whether it be taking parts orders, arranging equipment repairs, giving technical support, etc. She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to parts and liquid systems - from bulk tanks down to the portables and everything in between. Breanna is the "Cryo-Queen" and loves talking to customers about Pioneer and all things liquid oxygen.

Debbie Reed - Lead Technician and Cryo-Ninja
Debbie is an expert at repairing all makes and models of liquid oxygen systems. She began her oxygen career working with Lifeguard Medical, building flow control valves and regulators. Pioneer was blessed with Debbie as an inherited technician when Doug purchased Lifeguard years ago. Debbie has been a full time Cryo-Ninja since 2001 and the quality of her work is one to brag about. If she can't fix it, no one can.

James Bailey - Master Repair Technician
James has a background in respiratory and oxygen dating back to the days of Puritan Bennett. He was on the manufacturing side of PB from '94-'96 and worked at Cryotec, Inc. for 14 years and came to the Pioneer family when they closed in 2017. James has an extensive knowledge of working on liquid oxygen systems and his high quality output of repairs shows that.

Greg Hamather - Chief Bulk Tank Technician, Master Cryogenic/High Pressure Welder and Fabricator
Greg has a long hit list of experience. He was with Precision Cryogenics for 4 years doing only custom cryogenic fabrication, 2 years with Puritan Bennett manufacturing Companion and Helios tanks and 16 years as shop foreman at Cryotec, Inc, coming to Pioneer when Cryotec closed in 2017. Greg has stacked up years of experience when it comes to bulk tank installations, fabrication and welding. He maintains Pioneer's leak detection instruments and the molecular re-evacuation system.

Mike Elsbury - Repair Technician
Mike has been with Pioneer Industries for 10 years repairing all makes and models of LOX equipment. He was trained in-house and has the Pioneer certification stamp of approval with his quality of repairs.

Erin Rhudy - Shipping & Receiving Manager
Erin came to Pioneer in October 2018 to fill the big shoes of shipping & receiving. Before Pioneer, she was the Assistant Director at The Goddard School overseeing 30+ employees. Her organization and hustle focused attitude fit perfect with the shipping manager job description. She takes care of picking/packing all parts orders, shipping repairs and refurbished equipment, along with receiving in the daily loads of repairs and parts. We are excited to add her to our team recently.
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